Best Plugins to Speed Up WordPress and Score 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights

One of the most critical factors for getting more website visitors is your website’s loading time. Your website needs to load fast enough before your visitor gets frustrated and leaves.

Some factors that slow down your website’s speed are images size, user data and website settings. All of these things and more could increase your website’s loading time. What do you do when this happens?

To increase your website’s loading time, you can compress your images and enable browser caching to store users data. Are you wondering how caching works? While a cache is the data needed for a website to load, caching is the temporary storage of user data for use whenever they try to re-access the site.

In this article, we’ll be showing you the best WordPress plugins that can help you increase your site’s loading speed. The plugins listed here have been tested and carefully curated for you.

  1. WP Rocket

Are you looking for the best WordPress caching plugin available in the market right now? WP Rocket is arguably the best you can get now. With its pricing starting at $49, you’re sure to get your value for your money.

Configuring this plugin is very easy as it comes with a step by step guide to installing the caching plugin. WP Rocket plugin comes with numerous features that’ll allow you to uninstall many other plugins saving you money in the process.

  1. WP Super cache

This is a free WordPress caching plugin that comes with numerous features like page cache, CDN support, gzip compression and many others. All these will lead to a faster loading speed for your website.

The WP super cache is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugins.

  1. W3 Total cache

This free WordPress caching plugin apart from being very popular among WordPress users comes with a very high number of features like CDN support, gzip compression, object cache, page cache and many others. 

Its numerous features and setting is also the cause of some of its significant drawbacks. It is difficult to configure; newbies with less knowledge will find this hard to manoeuvre. It is also challenging to uninstall as it requires more than just pressing “deactivate”.

  1. Perfmatters

Perfmatters is a slightly different caching plugin, and it works by deactivating unnecessary features your website does not need.

WordPress usually has options and settings which are unnecessary and increases the loading time of the sites. Perfmatters works by letting you deactivate some of these features that you do not need so your site can load better. Its pricing starts at $24.95 per year and per site.

  1. WP Fastest cache

This plugin is easy to set up and one of the best among all free WordPress caching plugins based on reviews and number of users. However, you may need to install some other extra plugins if you’re looking for features like lazy loading of pictures and videos and database clean up.

One of its most prominent features is the ability to set expiration times for specific URL strings or pages.

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