How to Increase Your Email Subscribers FAST using These Beginner-Friendly Strategies

Email marketing has been and is still one of the most rewarding marketing channels; surprisingly, it is not widely used in the business world.

Building your email list can be challenging especially when you’re just starting. There’s a popular saying that says “the money is in the list” and rightly so, getting a quality list full of prospective customers is a sure way to grow your business. 

Now, a question on a lot of business owners’ mouths is “how do I build my list”. We’ll take you through some tried and trusted methods to grow your email subscribers.

Craft a more valuable offer

A strong reason why you’ve not been getting enough subscribers to your list may be because your lead offer is weak. Before your prospects are willing to give you their email addresses, you must promise and deliver to them (of course) an offer that’ll be very valuable to them.

A quick way to know which offer will be valuable to your prospects is to go to where they gather online and search their complaints and pain points. Taking a prevalent complaint and solving will be worthy enough to get their email addresses.

Affiliate marketing

This involves paying people money to advertise and get you new email subscribers. You pay a fraction of the value of a new lead to your business. This is only possible if you’ve determined the actual value of a new lead. 

Giving a decent fee as affiliate commission will grow your email list tremendously; however, the quality of the lead is not guaranteed.

Encourage your subscribers to forward your email

When you encourage your subscribers to share and forward your emails to their network, you can get access to hour subscribers network, and if your email content or offer is good enough, your subscribers will increase.

You must insert links in your emails that’ll make it easier for these new prospects to subscribe to your list.

Give your subscribers curated quality contents

It’s easy to forget to manage your subscribers, so you don’t lose them when trying to gain new subscribers. Giving your subscribers quality contents peculiar to their needs will not only make them stay but will also make them trust you enough to share your email with their contacts.

You should segment your list based on interest so you can give each group valuable contents.

Advertise your email list on your social media channels 

Social media is the new trend, and the sooner you realise your prospects are on social media, the better. Even though you’re trying to advertise through email marketing do not neglect your social media accounts.

From time to time, invite your followers on social media to subscribe to your email list.

Reduce the time it’ll take your prospect to subscribe 

If you want to get more email subscribers, you should reduce the pages and forms your prospects have to fill before signing up.

I know you’re trying to gather information to give curated contents as I said, but it is better to collect that information over a more extended period than at once.

Dougie Williams

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