How to Increase Your Views On YouTube Quickly and Easily For FREE

YouTube has grown to become the biggest video viewing site. With over 20 billion monthly visitors, it is no wonder why a lot of people are trying to improve their presence on YouTube.

If you’re among the millions of video creators on YouTube trying to optimise and grow their YouTube views, you need to stick around. You’ll be seeing tricks that’ll help you get more views on your YouTube videos.

  • Optimise your titles to be descriptive and keyword-rich: one of the first things viewers will see before clicking on your video is your title, if your title does not describe what the video is about, viewers will scroll past it.

YouTube itself uses your title to rank your videos, so if your title lacks keywords, it’ll not be able to rank properly when viewers search it.

  • Use a catchy and relevant thumbnail: This is most likely the first thing a viewer will notice about your video, and you have just a few seconds to make an impression. Because of the numerous videos on YouTube, you want yours to stand out.

Make use of catchy and relevant thumbnails on your videos. You do not want to go all out to make a catchy thumbnail while ignoring the relevance. You want your viewer to see your thumbnail and be intrigued, not annoyed.

  • Use relevant hashtags: This is an often-overlooked point. When uploading your video, you need to add hashtags related to your videos. These hashtags will help you rank. 

Think about YouTube like Google, viewers are searching for videos, and you need to be right there when your prospect searches for keywords relevant to your video.

  • Upload transcripts of your videos in both English and Spanish: “But my video is in English” – it is estimated that about 38million people in the US speak Spanish too. What this means is that whenever you upload a transcript in both English and Spanish, your video will show up whenever there’s search for your keywords in Spanish. This will open up your video to a whole new audience that can understand your video in English.
  • Be consistent: even though there are overnight YouTube sensations, you’re more likely to struggle in the first few months before gaining traction. This slow period can be discouraging, but the key to increasing your views is to post more videos consistently. YouTube has a suggested videos tab and uploading more videos will have YouTube putting your videos there too.
  • Promote links to your videos on social media: Social media has continued to grow over the years, and you can increase your YouTube views by promoting their links on your social media channels. To do this effectively, you need to explain your videos and tell your followers what they’ll gain by watching your videos. You can quickly boost your YouTube views if you have a decent following on social media. Do your research on which social media platform your target audience loves the most and use that to promote. Nevertheless, do not neglect any platform as you’ll still get a considerable amount of views from each. 

So what’s your take on this? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll keep the conversation going.

Dougie Williams

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