How to Start a Blog and Profit from it in The Fastest Time Possible

he World has evolved a lot in recent times that you no longer have to work the traditional jobs to be successful as many individuals have threaded the internet route to stardom and riches.

Wait, do not get too excited, blogging as it is usually called is no easy feat, you’ll need a whole lot of perseverance and determination to succeed, especially as it is a little saturated now.

The first few months is usually the toughest as you’ll most likely be making nothing in revenue. If you can continue to deliver quality contents over time, you’ll have a high chance of succeeding.

Running a blog might seem a little late for many, but it isn’t. It can even be said to be easier to start now. There are numerous steps you can take to not only shorten your route to the top but also ensure you’re doing the right thing.

Before we go through these steps, you have to understand that having a likeness for writing is key to making a profit from blogging. 

Select your business name and niche

The very first step you have to take before going into blogging is choosing your niche and business name. Now, you do not want to write about any and everything, and this will not only make it difficult to rank but also challenging to get a loyal audience. There are several niches you can specialise in, but it is advisable to go into one you’re passionate about and or have prior knowledge about it.

After selecting your niche, it is now time to choose your business name. If you’re concerned about SEO, you need to choose names with keywords specific to your niche. Generally, you need to choose short, memorable and easy to spell names.

Host your blog

After you must have gotten a suitable domain name, it is time to host your blog. To host your blog you need a hosting provider, what they do is to put your blog on the internet and service it so whenever a visitor clicks your link or types your domain name, the query is directed to your blog. 

Design your blog with WordPress

Don’t let the bogus word “design” scare you. WordPress has made it easier for you to do basic designs on your blog; by using the drag and drop feature and reading a few tutorials, you should be able to get everything set including pages like the “about us”, “contact us”.

Write quality content

Making the best blog and hosting wouldn’t mean anything without quality contents. You need to consistently write quality contents that your audience will value. Doing this over a long period will build you, loyal readers.

Monetise your blog

When you start getting a decent number of readers on your blog, it is time to monetise and start making money. 

There are different ways to make money from your blog; some include Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, producing and selling products or services on your blog.

So what about you? Have you got a blog, and if so, how’s it going with your blog traffic and income wise? Let me know down below.

Dougie Williams

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